What is the
Green Recovery?

The UK plans to cut emissions after the coronavirus pandemic while boosting the economy through a ‘Green Recovery’. The Green Recovery will be powered by green jobs, but what exactly is a green job? We are the UK’s decentralised energy sector and we are working hard to decarbonise heat across the country. The videos below reveal the work we are doing today towards the Green Recovery, and how we are hiring up and down the country to get the job done. Join us in the Green Recovery!

Who is involved?

British Sugar and the Green Recovery
Calor and the Green Recovery
Clarke Energy and the Green Recovery
E.ON and the Green Recovery
SAV Systems and the Green Recovery

What can a green career path offer?

A ‘green job’ is not just an engineer working on a wind turbine, or a solar panel installer. A green job is any job offered by a company which is working towards the UK’s goal of reaching Net Zero. In the decentralised energy sector that includes insulation companies, heat network providers, heat pump installers, combined heat and power manufacturers and users, and flexibility providers. The variety of job roles is vast and includes installers, engineers, customer service providers, technology service providers and project managers. Watch the videos below to hear from those already doing a ‘green job’.

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How do we reach Net Zero?

The Green Recovery is about reaching Net Zero. The UK has committed to reduce the country’s net greenhouse gas emissions by 100%, relative to 1990 levels, by 2050, but how do we get there? Watch the videos below to understand what needs to change in how we heat our homes and power our factories for us to reach Net Zero, and how the decentralised sector is fundamental to achieving this.

Net Zero and me - Mithila
Net Zero and me - Roy
Net Zero and me - Leke
Net Zero and me - Hannah
Net Zero and me - Julie
Net Zero and me - Mike
Net Zero and me - James
Net Zero and me - Jody